Work. Yale NUS — June 2015

Yale NUS University of Singapore just opened their doors and wanted a website to reflect who they were: a clean, modern and innovative learning center in Asia's financial capital.

My role was to give some general art direction for the site before leaving on an extended trip to Japan (the most amazing country in the world).


Here's the trick: design a presence for one of the world's leading universities that was both professional and friendly, but didn't look clinical and dead.

It had to be informtative and engaging and show off all the key aspects of the Uni at a glance.

Consuming content

Above all I wanted structure and uniformity for the site – mostly to accomodate the amount of content being housed.

A 6 column grid encompassed the entire site. This gave enough flexibility for the content and also convenience to developers.

Interactive content

I wanted the content to be easy to consume, because there's a lot of it.

Where possible content should be graphically represented. We live in a quick-fix culture after all; the thing users hate most is paragraphs of text. Alumni testimonials should be treated as easily-navigated stories that are easily sharable.

Designed for everything

At DAN, we developed a process to streamline responsive sites. Beginning with wireframes – either a full prototype or basic sketch, where all devices are taken into consideration.

From there, designs are done in batches according to size.

Content pages

Because of the nature of the content being populated, we developed a set of customisable tempaltes that could be altered depending on the cotent type.

This gave the client the ability to evolve the site or time while still abiding by designed constraints.

A Global university

The theme of globalism had to be strung through the site. Yale is known for it's international presence and is a key selling point.

Curriculums and learning standards have been adopted and designed from around with global influence. This gives Yale students a slight advantage in a globalised world.


Most traffic coming to the site was of course on mobile, alas, most of the dropoff rate was on mobile also.

With the redesign, I saw no need to sacrifice any content just because of a smaller area to work within. The site should be just as engaging as the desktop version.

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