Work. Visa Debit — Jan 2013

To promote Visa’s new Debit card, we went about designing and building the whole world. We created a three-dimensional world in papervision 3D which allowed you to explore what people were buying with Visa anywhere in the world.

Fashions come and go, and papervision 3D stomred the Internet sometime in the early 2000’s, stayed around for a while and vanished without a trace. Before it disappeared, we felt it was imperitive to complete at least one project to ‘test’ ourselves, and that project was the Visa Debit launch. An explorative flash website where visitors could peruse various stories about shopping globally. A visceral way to show that Visa is accepted quite literally the world over.

the homepage

I chose a space theme since it was something new for visa - usually bound by their rather stark white colour scheme. Also, I have a slight infatuation with space; there’s a lot going on out there.

Users would start their journey far above planet earth, invited to choose a story to begin with. Once chosen, you’re propelled through the atmosphere to your chosen location.

the 3d world

The globe itself had to be modeled in Maya for visual reference and lighting set up, then to be exported for use in papervision.


Users could pan and zoom around our virtual Visa world to see what visa-users were doing in near real time.

Flights were added to the visual garnish, just in case any on-board purchases were being made.


Upon entering a particular story, you could choose from a hot-list of others, or return to the globe by dragging and panning (imagine Google Earth). Really quite an enormous amount of interaction; I’m glad we don’t do websites like this anymore.

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