Work. Tiger Air — Aug 2013

TigerAir challenged DAN to re-think their website for a new and savvy digitally driven generation.

Low cost carriers have exploded in the Asia region, giving rise to a suite of competitors in the space. TigerAir wanted a new, fresh, engaging, responsive website that took the hasstle out of booking and made the process as transparent as possible.

The homepage

The homepage took on a brand new look and feel that was designed in line with the new tigerair brand.

I wanted to take a minimal, but not *too* minimal approach to this site - mainly to clear away the clutter, yet leaving the most valuable parts of the site intact and easy to find.

The deals

Because such a high volume of users came to TigerAir not to book flights, but to see what was on special, it was obvious that searching for deals was to be a prominent feature. What was before a simple list of destinations we turned into a rich display of destinations filtered by budget and taste.

We partnered with Trip advisor for destination content. It’s often the case that travellers, like myself, will jump on a great deal without knowing very much about the destination (where is Phu Quoc anyway?). If we could give them an overview of the destination before they made their purcahse, without having to leave the site, then that’s surely a good thing.

Touch friendly

It's considered a small thing, but being able to touch small, inoocuous items on a sceen can become the bane of our lives when it's a difficulty that becomes frequent

40x40 pixels – that's the minimum size you need to cater to people with extraordinaryly fat thumbs like myself.

What are you looking for?

We all know that people have different priorities. Some people know exactly what they’re looking for, and other people - like myself - have no idea at all.

What if it was possible to tell an airline how much cash you had for a weekend get away, and the site suggest the best place to go within my budget? Or perhaps suggest destinations based on what I’d like to do while away? I sought to make searching for flights as flexible as possible by doing the following:


Of course it has to look fabulous at any size. Part of the reason why I chose a modular layout was to accomodate all sceen sizes.

This meant we could treat indivual elements as boxes, which gave the developers added speed and flexibility (and saved me alot of pain too).

Finding flights

Perhaps the most important aspect of any booking site – once you've addressed of the findability of content – is the actual booking.

The Tiger Air back end system, like most airlines, use a legacy system which dictates the flow to a certain extent, but that doesn't mean hefty improvements can't be made. I designed a simple, clean and easy to use flow that didn't deviate too far away from what users are currently used to.

Where are you sitting?

A lot of travellers book their trips en-mass (multiple travellers, usually couples and families going on weekend get aways), which gave me a nice idea.

What if you could actually see your friends and family on the plane? Using Facebook Connect gave us this ability – a nice touch.

Add ons

Add-on's or "soft sells", are a huge revenue stream for any airliner, but for any user that's subjected to endless up-sells, the process can quickly become tiresome.

I wanted to make it as easy as possible to opt in or opt out of additional purchases. It's a fine line between gusiness goals and user expectations.

Payment & Checking in

Upon payment, we offered one last chance to easily opt-in for anything you may have missed out on: cars, insurance or hotels.

You'd be surprised how many airlines make something as simple as checking-in difficult. It's actually remarkably simple.


They say users expect services to be even easier to use when on mobile, and that's true especially when talking about airlines.

I didn't just want to make the site responsive. I wanted a sligtly customised site to cut out all the noise so there's nothing to get distract. Just you and the task ahead.

If you want to get in touch, say something nice or send me abuse, I welcome everything. Contact me.