Work. Starhub — July 2014

Starhub – Singapore’s second largest telco in Singapore – came to us with the challenge of reinventing their online presence and web-store. A complex business model had to be simple to navigate and use.

Because of the complexities of telco’s (they really are complicated), the greatest challenge is making what seems like unlimited products and features both easy to find and easy to understand. The proejct was in every respect a UX extravaganza tied with some pretty nifty intelligence provided by Adobe CQ.

a website that learned

Having a website that houses content is one thing; having one that learns and responds to your preferences and desires is another. This is the direction we wanted to take Starhub.

As users navigated the site, the so called intelligence engine would learn your preferences as you went. Interested in mobile phones? We’ll show you all the great deals for phones next time. Looking to upgrade your broadband? We’ll give you a package deal suited just for you. Targeted marketing of this kind is a powerful tool when building sites of the future.


In many ways, the product pages were designed using tried and tested convention. All key functionality dispalyed on first glance without the need for further navigation.

checking out

This is the part where most users drop out, so is also the part that has to be the most seamless.

I developed tools by which choosing your plan is easy and quick. Use of context filters gave users what they needed to determine the right plan for them.

your starhub

If you're a member, you're invited to login to manage everything Starhub.

Pay a bill, see your data usage, change your details, upgrade your plans, check out what's on offer – everything is at your fingertips.


You'd be surprised how many people look for a new mobile phone while being on a mobile phone.

Because of this we had to make the website compatable with just about eveything.


We know how powerful contextual offers are, so we made them a major focus of the site.

Because we retained your browing habits, if there was a deal you may be interested in, we'd send you an offer.

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