Work. Jasons iPhone — Sept 2013

Search it, plan it, book it with the Jasons iPhone and iPad app - the perfect travel companion. With the app you’ll be able to book accommodation and sort out activities throughout New Zealand.

Never again will you have to worry where you’re staying or what you’re doing, the Jasons app has you covered. Jasons' iPhone or new iPad app are New Zealand travellers' must-have travel resources. Find all of the activities, attractions and places to stay that you find on the Jasons website in an easy Apple friendly format. Call at the touch of a button (iPhone only), see maps in relation to your location, and securely book your stay from the app in seconds.

book from anywhere

The Jasons app lets you book New Zealand accommodation all over the country, straight from your iPhone or iPad.

There’s no need to stress about last minute bookings anymore. Book securely on the day, or months ahead. The app is stylish, easy-to-use and will be your guide to experiencing everything New Zealand has to offer.

5 stars

So far until today the mobile and iPad app both a lovely 5-star rating.

A wonderful result for a wonderful and receptive client.

in case you get lost

If you're an exploring – or completely disorganized – kind of person, you might be wandering the country aimlessly, but you certainly won’t be lost if you’ve got this app.

The ‘near me’ button will open up a heap of accommodation and activity options that are close by. You might be wandering the country, but you certainly won’t be lost if you’ve got this app.

fast and easy booking

Users tend to expect these things to be simpler on mobile than on desktop, so making the booking process a piece of cake was the most crucial part.

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