Work. Jasons iPad — Sept 2013

Search it, plan it, book it with the Jasons iPhone and iPad app - the perfect travel companion. With the app you’ll be able to book accommodation and sort out activities throughout New Zealand.

Never again will you have to worry where you’re staying or what you’re doing, the Jasons app has you covered. Jasons' iPhone or new iPad app are New Zealand travellers' must-have travel resources. Find all of the activities, attractions and places to stay that you find on the Jasons website in an easy Apple friendly format. Call at the touch of a button (iPhone only), see maps in relation to your location, and securely book your stay from the app in seconds.


I wanted to keep the homescreen as simple as possible; almost magazine-like. The featured activity or hotel would be selected based on the users prior activity.

After experimenting with various navigational styles - and because of the nature of the app - I settled on something conventional.

finding your way

The app wasn't just designed for those who were planning a future holiday, but also for those who have wound up in a city bewildered by a vast array of hotels that may or may not be vacant, or in your price range.

Using the iPad and iPhone's location services, we were able to incorporate a "near me" function, whereby all hotels and activities nearby would be listed, and at the best price.


I wanted to keep the icon as simple as possible, while it still being distinctive. Funnily enough, the simplest option I chose turned out to be the most original. Who knew?


From customer research we could tell users really loved to see every aspect of a hotel before they booked.

Because of this, I designed the interface to display as much info as possible (images / location / reviews / contact details) to all be present.

Live search

The app was designed with live-search in mind; a standard now, but important to have. I designed the app with filtering in mind.

If something isn't to your preference, simply use the refinement filter and adjust price, accommodation type and date of check-in.

Loading screen

An app without a loading screen isn’t really an app at all. It sets the mood, doesn’t it?

I kept it simple - the Jasons logo with a gorgeous photo of Lake Wanaka - one of my very favourite locations in New Zealand. Gosh, I miss the nature there.

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