Work. HSA — Aug 2013

HSA is the leading innovative authority protecting and advancing national health and safety with Singapore.

I designed a task-based site that was clear, concise, efficient and had a strong brand presence.


The homepage gave an overview of the services, updates and everything HSA related.

The purpose was to show HSA wasn't your typical government health entity, but an active and intereted part of the community, with events and innovations happening constantly.

Drug Database

Part of the brief was to develop a drug database so consumers and physicians had access to the latest developments on drugs and pharmaceuticals.

I designed the database as a quickfind that was accessible from anywhere on the site.

Branded Content

Even government departments need branding, and so it was woven through the site without detracting from the functionality.

Each section "Applied Sciences", "Blood" and "Health product regulation" was given it's own unique colour and imagery but worked together as a singular brand.

Content Structure

Becaue of the bredth and depth of content, a lot of time was spent in I.A devising a logical path that made sense to our different user groups.

Colour schemes, a breadcrumbing system and prominent call to actions anchored the user so they'd know where they are at all times.


Doctors and health professionals commonly use the HSA for their events and broadcasts.

I wanted a quick and easy way to see what was happening without any fussing about.

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