Work. Great Eastern Life — Mar 2014

Great Eastern Life came to us with a problem: Insurance is hard, and it shouldn’t be. We revamped their entire online platform to make life and health insurance fun, easy and personalised.

Great Eastern Life wanted to redefine life insurance. The key insight that led this project was the fact this is a gloomy subject; usually when we start thinking about life-insurance, we equate it with negative views of age. What we aimed to do with the new GEL website, was to focus on life – extending and improving it with all the tools and plans that would make it possible.

the homepage

The homepage itself needed to cater to the various markets: Personal insurance; Business insurance, with a splash of social and community. Each market can explore the section relevant to them.

Of course the most important thing is to get people talking about any questions they may have; links to claims or getting in touch with an insurance planner are only ever but a click away.

planning for your retirement

Planning for retiremen isn’t an easy thing; one hardly knows where to begin. We sought to make things easy by talking the customers language and addressing their everyday concerns.

We present content not in evasive or corporate terms, but in everyday language and on subjects that relate to us all. This conversational tone directed everything we did, from planning to purchase.

finding the right plan

There’s many plans; the problem is finding the right one and presenting which information will likely make the decision easier.

Our product plans gave extensive overviews of each plan and included not so seen features like public reviews and user commentary.

choosing the right plan

Imagine being able to see all medical and life plans on one page. With our “Find the right plan” page, tha’s what we did.

All products, visible at once. Plans could be compared against each other with the comparision tool.

looking good on the pad

The website didn’t just function as an end product for existing and potential customers, it was also the main tool for GEL sales reps.

still unsure?

Sometimes, selling insurance to a person who believes themselves to be healthy, and, or incinvible, can be quite a stretch.

We introduced a tool that shows clearly what the benefits of having life cover are – for all kinds of individuals.

get in touch

Now that the brand position was shifted from an insurance company to a life company, we felt it necessary to include a human face; all of them in fact.

All staff are featured on the site with details, reviews and even a connection tool if you happened to be logged in with Facebook or LinkdIn.

find an agent

Finding an agent doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you can find them through your very own social network.

We built tools that allows you to connect to your social platforms and see which insurance agents are closest to you.

insurance on the go

Throughout the entire design phase, we kept mobile in mind.

As usual, we discarded the mobile-first philosophy as we believe it’s all of hopeless; and counter to the most effective way of working with the client.

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