Work. EDB Digital Wall — July 2013

Singapore Economic and Development board (EDB) came to us with a request to fill a huge screen TV positioned in their office entrance. To show off the depth of EDB’s knowledge and technical prowess, we designed and built a series of info graphics showing real time investments and flight data.

The trick to any infographic is to make it both visually pleasing, but also meaningful. Rregardless of the nature of the graphic, if it’s unintelligble, then it’s failed. Below is a colletion of designs that were interally failed, and the final versions which made it to the EDB lobby.

final design

The final design. We felt this showed clearly the relationship between inbound and outbound traffic in quantity and time.

As users navigated the site, the so called intelligence engine would learn your preferences as you went. Interested in mobile phones? We’ll show you all the great deals for phones next time. Looking to upgrade your broadband? We’ll give you a package deal suited just for you. Targeted marketing of this kind is a powerful tool when building sites of the future.

incoming and outgoing flights

We wanted to show off EDB’s technical prowess, but also the diversity of that prowess.

For everyone who thinks monitoring internet usage is a little passé, then monitoring and displaying real time flight data – arriving in and leaving from Singapore – might be more to your liking.

a sensitive topic

Because the media has been awash stories of planes either disappearing (like flight MH370) or depressed and drug fuelled pilots slamming their plane, full of innocent passengers, straight into the side of a Swiss mountain, and the fact that the 9/11 catastrophe has been permanently stamped on the mind of everyone in the developed world.

The public sensitivity of anything flight-related is now extremely high. Designing in light of this added a new layer of design do’s and dont’s that had to be considered.

final design

Concentrating on Singapore, all flights in and out are displayed flying in real time with flight number to identify each flight.

On the big screen, it came out looking rather nice. Even nicer to see people stopping for a few seconds to admire it.

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