Work. Caltex Fuel My City — Aug 2015

Caltex wanted to inspire road trips around Singapore, so we devised a promotional site that showcased the greatest trips around Singapore, highlighting little-known gems and quirkly locations you probably haven't hard of.

We followed influencial people around Singapore, recording their journey's and documenting their stops and compiled a useful resource for fellow travellers.


The entire campaign was a bit hipster, so I chose a totally hipster feel for the site.

The primary market was youth, so it had to appeal to them. Road trips are a bit chaotic; the element of surprise is what makes it an adventire. This had to be reflected in the style of the site.

The Journeys

Trips were documented in long form so people could see the route and discover the special spots along the way.

Users could add journey's to their trip planner or generate their own.

Real time social

We allowed travellers to make updates in real time for people to follow.

All you had to do was tweet or post with the #FuelMyCity hashtag and it would show up on our feed and later documented within the journey itself.

A growing travel resource

After celebrity journey's were completed, we opened the site to the public, allowing users to add and curate their own special locations and journeys.

What resulted was a valuble resource for Singaoprean explourers and road trippers who were after something a little different.


And because the site was travel focused, it had to work on mobile.

Hopefully an app will be avilable in the near future.

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