Work. Jasons iPhone — Aug 2015

Perhaps the greatest challenge of all is to make a petrol station website not only informative but also relevant to people's lives.

We did it by turning the site into a centralised hub for all your travel needs. Weather forcast, traffic cam, a journey planner, spotify playlists for driving and a reward system gave the site


Wireframing was an intensive process. Everything was planned from start to finish before design began.

Because we wanted to test on new users the effectivness of the interface, the wireframe had to be comprehensive enough to cater for it.

Homepage design

Think of the homepage as your ever changing dashboard, where you can see your journey ahead at a single glance.

We built intelligence into the website – based on past behavour and Facebook details, so that the homepage could be reognised and reshuffled based on time of day, day of week and your personal details. This gave a truely personalised experience.

Driving personalities

We developed a driving personality test users could take to find out what sort of driver they are.

Profiles could be shared with their friends but more importantly, it gave us extra data about their habits to further tailor the web experience.

Laymands terms

Most talk of fuelds, lubriants and and tech behind them is too complilcated to bother with.

Instead of focusing on the detailed specifics, we focused on the pratical difference it made with regard to your journey ahead. Want a smoother ride? More efficiency? Care about the environment? These are the things people care about.


Because the site lent itself to travelling, most users frequent the site from their mobile device.

For this reason it had to be supremely responsive. You can even play spotify playlists through the website. I think that's pretty neat.

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