Work. Ahoy — Aug 2012

What's the best way to organise lunches, share a taxi or book a meeting room? Why, on your iPhone of course. We assembled an app that takes the hasstle out of office life.

They sound like things that should be easy by default: booking rooms, taxi's and orering food within an organisation - especially when there's many people. Unfortunately it doesn't work out like that. That's why we went about building the first application that combined all these everyday tasks. Behold: Ahoy!


Testing prototypes prooved difficult; because how do you test a prototype for an iphone app? Yeah, it's hard.

Though we created a series of wireframes to ensure fluidity, most of the user flow was based on guesswork.

the design

Simply login, select what you want (food, a ride or a room) and organise a group run. The user creating the group is responsible to taking orders - no matter how extenseive - and bringing it back for the rest of the office.

Menu's made up of restaurant food dishes can easily be created with details of food items and prices, allowing colleagues to place an order as if in a restaurant.

how it works

The dedicated food-runner can specify a time and place before orders roll in.

When food items weren't available, notifications would be sent to the other colleagues, who could then re-order if time permitted.

a better way

As an point of experiment, I decided to get rid of all drop-down menus. Usually, they’re considered to be the default menu item within the world of app-design.

I found that if possible, making each menu item a full screen of option reduces the time taken quite dramatically.

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